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Latchy Catchy | Mom Invented Door Silencer!

Ever get tired of hearing that door slam? Just put the baby down and trying to sneak out of the room? Have a toddler that is constantly locking themselves in their room? Here is your solution!

  • DON'T WAKE THE BABY - Keeping your little one sleeping is vital for new moms. Don't let the door latch wake your baby!
  • NEVER HEAR A DOOR SLAM AGAIN! - No more kids slamming doors or pinching fingers!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Conveniently fits all door shapes and sizes.
  • OPEN/CLOSE ANY DOOR SILENTLY - And prevent your toddlers from getting locked in or out of rooms.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of durable designer fabric that is thick enough to keep the door tightly shut.