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Top Knot(ch) Hat 3 Pack

Ideal as a receiving blanket or newborn swaddling blanket. Massive 48'' x 48'' square for years of use throughout the early years Polyester and Spandex blend for a warm and comfortable blanket premium feel with uncompromising quality and breathability.

"Your little one's comfort is our first concern. That's why we designed the top
hat to be just that - Top Notch." Each adorable hat has been crafted from high-grade, soft, breathable material.  To make sure that it is the perfect fit every time, we've made the top knot adjustable - so it can grow with your little one from newborn to 4 months old.

Perfect side-kick to our Baby Croc Ultra Snuggly Baby Swaddle - Receiving Blankets. Available in all the same colors, so you can mix and match, or go single tone.

At Baby Croc, we are all about everything soft - and our Top Knot(ch) Hats are no exception. They are designed to keep your little one safe and warm. Not to mention in style!

Mama's and little ones alike love Baby Croc products, which makes them meaningful gifts for any occasion.